Energy meter readings via the Internet: a review of online tools

This article will help to understand how the readings of electricity meters are transmitted via the Internet. The text outlines the mechanism for removing data and the peculiarities of their transmission via the World Wide Web. The article describes the advantages and disadvantages of this method. It contains basic rules and recommendations that allow for the correct transfer of meter readings by remote method.

Energy meter readings via the Internet: a review of online tools

Indications of electricity meters via the Internet: features of the procedure

Organizations that provide consumers with electricity simultaneously serve a large number of subscribers. For the transfer of indicators and the subsequent processing of data takes a lot of time, which entails the accumulation of queues at the box office. To avoid such situations, there are several ways to obtain data, one of which describes how to transfer meter readings via the Internet.

Energy meter readings via the Internet: a review of online tools

There are other ways to transfer data:

  • through the subscriber box;
  • during the visit of the inspector;
  • via SMS;
  • through any banking system;
  • in a payment control organization.

Note! Not all energy supplying companies allow you to submit electricity meter readings via the Internet, so you need to check the availability of such a possibility or transfer data using one of the above methods.

Indications for payment via the Internet are submitted for the current month. For greater user comfort, virtual data reception systems provide additional benefits. For example, determining the level of electrical energy consumption based on stored readings and the remote information service via SMS messages sent to the mobile phone during the reporting time.

Energy meter readings via the Internet: a review of online tools

There are many services that allow you to transfer data. To take readings of electricity meters via the Internet, you will need e-mail. To send a message fit any registered mailbox.

The use of the following services is allowed:


Each of them offers detailed instructions for creating and activating e-mail. It can also be used to transfer the testimony of electricity to a personal account on the official online resource of the supplier. Each of these methods of working with data is accompanied by advantages and disadvantages.

Energy meter readings via the Internet: a review of online tools

Before submitting the meter readings via the Internet, it is worthwhile to get acquainted in more detail with the advantages of this method:

  1. Practicality – for data transfer is not required even to leave the house. The subscriber can independently monitor their debts and payments, as well as use indicators for a long period of time to track the cost of electrical energy in different periods.
  2. No need to stand in lines – to testify do not need to stand for a long time in a long queue, which allows you to save time and effort.
  3. Rational distribution of time – since the whole procedure is performed by the subscriber independently, there is no need to wait for the arrival of employees or the supervising inspector. To transfer information you can use any time.

Note! The transmission of electricity data is equivalent to standard transmission methods. Having figured out how to send the meter readings via the Internet once, the subscriber will have no difficulty in performing further operations.

Energy meter readings via the Internet: a review of online tools

No way to transfer data can be called universal and ideal, because every consumer of electricity has its own needs. As with other methods of transmitting information, sending indicators via the Internet has its drawbacks.

Disadvantages of remote sending of indicators via the Internet, due to the technical component:

  1. For the operation of the presence of a laptop or personal computer is required. Due to its high cost, not every family has such a technique.
  2. Internet access is required for data transfer.
  3. Internet service providers may not block access to the network due to technical or other reasons, which will exclude the possibility of data transmission. A similar situation with computer malfunctions and breakdowns.
  4. Not every consumer of electrical energy is a confident user of a personal computer. Pensioners find it hard to learn how to use them, so in some cases they may need the help of employees or relatives.

Energy meter readings via the Internet: a review of online tools

For the above reasons, it is better to always have a backup option in case the operation will not be possible via the Internet. This will eliminate the extra costs associated with the delay.

Sending data via the Internet: how to transmit electricity readings using email

To carry out the operation, you need not only to have an active mailbox, but also to know the recipient’s address. Such information can provide a company engaged in energy sales. Often, the email address of the electricity supplier is listed at the bottom of the receipt for invoice payment.

The letter must specify the following information:

  • personal account of the payer of utilities;
  • electricity meter indicators for the last month;
  • Full name of the payer.

Helpful advice! Before transmitting information, it is imperative to double-check important data, for example, the meter readings and the correctness of the recipient’s address.

Energy meter readings via the Internet: a review of online tools

If errors are made while sending a letter, the addressee will not be able to receive data, therefore the tariff calculation will be carried out according to the scheme provided specifically for such cases. The standards used for this are completely unprofitable for the electricity consumer. In addition, there is a possibility that outsiders can access this information and use it for some personal purpose. Therefore, before sending a letter, it is very important to double-check the data.

Government Decree No. 354 cancels the requirement that binds electricity consumers to transfer testimony no later than 3 days from the deadline. Monthly this period was indicated by the interval from 23 to 26 number. Many taxpayers mistakenly believe that they can independently decide whether to report indicators during a specified period or not.

Cancellation of obligations on the one hand removes sanctions against the consumer of electricity. On the other hand, the terms of the agreement with the energy supplying company remain in force. In the absence of indications for accrual, average data are used, which are calculated on the basis of information for the last half year. As a result, the consumer overpays.

Energy meter readings via the Internet: a review of online tools

It is not only very simple, but also practical to transfer testimony using a personal account on the Internet resource of the energy supplying company. This method has been used for a long time, so it can be considered reliable.

If you still have any problems, you can use screenshots from a computer screen, receipts and electronic checks confirming payment information to solve them. Screenshots are photos taken at the time of making the indicators or payment. This is the only way to confirm your version of the document.

Note! It is recommended to enter data monthly no later than the 25th. This will eliminate problems with payment.

Energy meter readings via the Internet: a review of online tools

Having good skills in using a computer, you can easily master the procedure of transferring data via the Internet. It looks like this:

  1. Registration data for access. To do this, you need to register on the website of the supplier. As a result, the user receives a personal account and data to access it – a password and login. This procedure is very simple and can be performed by any member of the family living in a house or apartment. To get a login and password, you need to contact your respective company with your passport. After signing the consent to the data processing, the employees of this organization will issue all the necessary.
  2. Registration on the site. After visiting the relevant organization in the hands of the consumer of electricity will be a leaflet with the address of the site and data to enter. The site address will be linked to the region or city where the payer lives. Logging on to a resource in the network, you need to select the tab “My Account”. A field will appear to enter your password and login. In addition, you will need the code of the payer, which will also be listed on the sheet.
  3. The introduction of meter readings. To do this, the data from the account must be entered in the desired field.

In order to protect the system from hacking, it is recommended to regularly change the password to enter your personal account.

Energy meter readings via the Internet: a review of online tools

Note! To prevent the occurrence of debt when transferring indicators via the Internet, it is recommended to send data in advance, since there are a number of reasons that may affect the time of receipt of information, such as bad weather conditions or technical problems.

Previous meter readings, as well as information on debt, can be viewed on the Internet resource in your account. All these data are stored on the site, the user can at any time access to them and get acquainted with the state of their accounts.

In some cases, customers are given the opportunity to connect to the SMS service. This service assumes that the consumer will receive payment notifications to the mobile phone number. These notifications are sent at the moment when bills are paid for utility bills for electricity.

The ability to transfer meter readings via the Internet is accompanied by many advantages. The payer does not need to spend a lot of time on long idle standings in queues; there is no need to constantly dial into the telephone lines of the current account located in his place of residence. This allows you to prevent the growth of debt, if any, so this method of transferring readings will be profitable and convenient for most users.

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