Energy meter readings: transfer data in the most convenient way

From this article you can find out how electricity meter readings are transmitted: you can transfer data on energy costs in various ways, all of which are covered in the text. Also describes the features of each method of transferring information from the accounting equipment: the sequence of the procedure, its advantages and disadvantages, recommendations for electricity consumers. The data transmission system in various ways on the example of the company Energosbyt Plus.

Energy meter readings: transfer data in the most convenient way

Energy meter readings: transmit information in different ways

Residents of apartments and private houses are given the opportunity to live in comfortable conditions, namely water and electricity supply, gasification. At the same time, they are obliged to pay utility bills in a timely manner and report on meter readings confirming the expense.

There are many ways to send meter readings for electricity. Subscribers can choose a suitable option that will save time and effort, without having to worry about being late.

Energy meter readings: transfer data in the most convenient way

The display or display of any metering device for electrical energy displays information about how many kilowatts of electricity the consumer has spent. The current standards and regulations oblige subscribers to independently take and transfer readings for electricity every month.

Helpful advice! It is recommended to perform this procedure on the same day before paying utility bills.

The procedure for removing data from the meter:

  1. Arm yourself with a sheet of paper and a pen.
  2. Verify that the meter is in good condition and readings are correct.
  3. Rewrite data from the board or display on paper. For conventional devices with one tariff, these data represent only one indicator. Two-tariff devices require the removal of two indicators: the number of kilowatts / hours spent per night and per day. In the three-tariff meters, respectively, 3 values ​​are needed: indicators for electricity consumed at night, in the afternoon, and in the period called semi-peak.
  4. Below to record the data obtained for the previous period of calculation. These numerical values ​​will be smaller than the current meter readings.
  5. Calculate the difference between current and previous readings.
  6. The result is multiplied by the cost of 1 kW of electricity at the rate assigned to this area.
  7. Add the amounts received for all tariffs for payment.

Energy meter readings: transfer data in the most convenient way

For three-digit meters (devices that have 3 digits before the comma and 1 after the decimal), the maximum value is 1000 kW / hour. Four-digit instruments (counters with 4 digits to a comma) can display a maximum of 10,000 kW / h. After reaching these values, the accounting equipment is reset.

Before you submit the meter reading for the light, you must ensure that it works correctly. A surface check is to visually inspect the device for problems:

  1. The numbers on the display should look clear and legible.
  2. No flashing on the electronic display.
  3. No damage from the outside of the device.
  4. Integrity fillings.

Note! To complete the test, you will need additional tools and accessories: a calculator, a stopwatch, a 100 W incandescent lamp and a multimeter.

Energy meter readings: transfer data in the most convenient way

A full meter check is as follows:

  1. Check the correctness of the device connection.
  2. Check disk for arbitrary rotational movements.
  3. Calculation of measurement errors.
  4. Check the degree of magnetization.

It should be noted that checking the level of magnetization of devices can have certain difficulties. The devices Mercury, Energomera and Neva are sealed with antimagnetic seals-stickers, which change color under the influence of a magnet. Checking the level of magnetization of such devices will ultimately lead to a fine when employees come to check the meter without removing and see the status of the sticker. Therefore, you should be careful to follow this procedure.

Consumers of electrical energy are given a lot of ways to transfer accounting information from the devices. The list includes both traditional and modern methods involving the use of telecommunication technologies.

Energy meter readings: transfer data in the most convenient way

Subscribers can send meter readings for the light by:

  • input of digital values ​​from the device to the receipt intended for payment of electrical energy;
  • transmission of testimony by telephone to the appropriate organization;
  • information transfer via the Internet (a special Internet resource is used or the user’s personal account on the site of the energy supplying company);
  • visits to housing department or one of the offices of the power supply company.

Note! The transfer of readings from the metering devices should be carried out within the time limits established for this, i.e. until the 26th day of each month.

You can transfer electricity meter data using a telephone in various ways. For these purposes can be used:

  • call center;
  • connection with the operator;
  • SMS message.

All of them have both advantages and weaknesses, however, they allow for timely transfer of accounting information without the need to stand in a queue.

Energy meter readings: transfer data in the most convenient way

How to transfer the light meter readings via call center

Telephone communication allows you to easily transfer indicators of the amount of electricity consumed. For this you need to contact the call-center. Contact phone number, as a rule, can be found on the receipt. It is located in its upper right corner.

By dialing the specified contact phone number, the consumer is given the opportunity to listen to the successive recommendations of the answering machine. Following these instructions of the informant, it is possible to transfer indications for light in the telephone mode. The duration of such a session is small – only a few minutes.

Thanks to this number, anyone can contact the help desk during the day to transfer personal data on energy consumption, which saves time and nerves.

You can send the data displayed on the meter using the operator in the telephone mode. To do this, you must contact the energy sales company. The use of SBC numbers is also allowed.

Energy meter readings: transfer data in the most convenient way

This method, in addition to the obvious advantages, has disadvantages. In practice, consumers of electrical energy have to face the following problems:

  • Often it takes a lot of time to dial;
  • long waiting on the line before you can get a connection with the operator;
  • high probability of errors in the records during voice transmission of information.

Note! In order to control the transmitted indicators, employees perform the calibration of electricity meters, the timing of verification is established by the manufacturer of the accounting equipment. Information about this is contained in the passport of the electric meter.

The cost of checking electricity meters:

Name of verification service price, rub.
Induction type single phase meter 285
Electronic single phase meter 530
Three Phase Electronic Type 690
Three Phase Induction Device 470
Expedited procedure 1 business day +100%
Expedited Procedure 3 business days +50%
Expedited procedure 5 working days +25%


Today, many consumers are interested in how to send electricity meters readings via SMS, because almost all energy supplying companies provide such an opportunity. To do this, use short text messages sent from mobile phones.

This method involves the transfer of electricity readings on the personal account using a text message. For these purposes, there is a special number, as well as a scheme for entering information. For each tariff has its own procedure, which is listed in the leaflet. It is contained on the receipt for payment for electricity.

Energy meter readings: transfer data in the most convenient way

Consumers living in settlements located at a distance from the city, can transmit the testimony of electricity on the personal account via SMS. Also, this method will be beneficial to citizens who are unable to connect to the Internet. The service for the population is free.

Note! At the same time, subscribers do not need to call the operator to send readings; you can transfer data for electricity at any time, because SMS messages are received around the clock.

Energy supplying companies also take data on the world, it is possible to give evidence for electrical energy in one of the offices. This method of sending accounting information is considered one of the most reliable, since the consumer submits data directly to the organization engaged in the supply of electricity. The procedure can be used to pay for electricity costs not only for the previous month, but also for the period called inter-settlement.

Energy meter readings: transfer data in the most convenient way

Each consumer of electricity can transfer readings for light to energy sales in one of the company’s offices, to which his district is assigned.

List of energy sales organizations:

Company name Service areas
Atomenergosbyt Nuclear enterprises
Oboronenergosbyt Consumers of the Russian Ministry of Defense
Borisoglebskaya ESP Borisoglebsk (Voronezh region)
Voronezh Power Sales Company The territory of the Voronezh region.
Sverdlovenergosbyt The territory of the Sverdlovsk region.
Orenburgenergobyt The territory of the Orenburg region.
Tambov Energy Retail Company The territory of the Tambov region.
Komi Energy Retail Company Komi Republic
Kola Energy Retail Company The territory of the Murmansk region.
Mezhregionenergo Gazprom Group Companies
Marienergosbyt Mari El Republic.
Tatenergosbyt Republic of Tatarstan
Mordovia Power Sales Company The Republic of Mordovia
Power Sales Company of Bashkorostan Republic of Bashkortostan
GRINN Energosbyt The territory of the Voronezh region.
Rusenergosbyt Subjects of the Russian Federation (18 subjects)
Energoservice The territory of St. Petersburg and other regions of the Russian Federation
Nizhnovatomenergosbyt Krasnodar region, Voronezh, Rostov region and etc.
Mosenergosbyt Large deliveries to the Russian Federation
Kolanregionenergosbyt The territory of the Murmansk region.
Energy Sales Company of the Moscow Region The territory of the Moscow region
Regional Power Sales Company The territory of Zheleznogorsk and region


Note! Each organization listed in the table allows you to transfer the meter readings of electricity through one of its offices located in the city. The scheme of submission of indicators may vary, but in general it is standard and simple.

Previously, when transmitting readings, it was possible to submit data for the light via the post office. Today, such methods are considered obsolete, so the post offices are not used to transmit information on accounting devices and pay for notices. Instead, at the time when electricity is being paid for, employees of the post office enter data into special forms of an automated type.

Energy meter readings: transfer data in the most convenient way

Holders of plastic cards have other ways to send data on the world. The transfer of meter readings is carried out through an ATM at the time when the payment of the receipt is made. The computer offers the subscriber to consistently follow clearly written instructions, which are displayed on the ATM display. In the process, this fills in informative electricity credentials.

The advantage of this method is that the consumer of electricity at the same time performs two tasks with minimal effort: transfers the meter readings and makes payment for utility bills without charging additional fees.

  1. Transmission of information through a receipt – the method is positioned as the most convenient and involves the transfer of evidence at the time of making payments for utility bills in utility services. The procedure is available during the whole month in the FSUE “Russian Post” or in the OJSC “Sberbank of Russia”. To do this, the consumer of electricity must independently fill in the readings in the receipt and transfer it.
  2. Submission of data through the terminal of Sberbank of Russia OJSC – the terminals of the organization allow transferring the readings within a month, as well as making payments for them.
  3. Transfer of indicators using Internet resources – for this purpose, the user’s personal account or special services can be used. The service is available from the 18th day of any month to the 26th day of the same month.
  4. Information transfer through information and payment terminals or information kiosks – these devices are installed in the offices of Energosbyt Plus, engaged in service and sales. The procedure can be performed throughout the month.
  5. Data transfer via SMS messages – the service is available to all subscribers of cellular operators. Especially for these purposes, short numbers are provided to consumers.
  6. The transfer of testimony in the telephone mode – the operation is performed from the 10th to the 26th day of each month.

Energy meter readings: transfer data in the most convenient way

All the data transfer methods mentioned in the article are suitable for informing energy supplying companies. This system allows each owner of an apartment or private house to choose the most convenient way for him to transfer the meter readings. Moreover, the subscriber can independently plan their schedule based on the proposed dates.

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