Electrofireplaces with live fire effect: elegant interior decoration

Many people want to have a fireplace in their apartment or house, as this interior detail is associated with warmth and comfort. However, not everyone can install a real fireplace in a residential area, which is associated with a number of specific restrictions and requirements. To carry out a similar idea will help electric fires with the effect of living fire. They have many advantages and will become a real decoration of any interior. What they are and how to choose them correctly – this article will tell.

Electrofireplaces with live fire effect: elegant interior decoration

What is a “live” fire

Many in the phrase “live fire” imagine burning firewood and flames on them. In the modern world, this is also called the 3D effect, which creates a special design from a steam generator and a backlight. That it is the basis for electric heater.

Electrofireplaces with live fire effect: elegant interior decoration

When it is turned on, a generator is started, which begins to actively produce cold steam. That passes through the woodpile, where it is illuminated by a diode tape and the effect of burning without fire and smoke is obtained. To further enhance the naturalness, the backlight periodically changes, creating the illusion of a real flame.

The cold steam produced by the electric fireplace moistens the room perfectly. If necessary, it can be made warm. Rest near such a hearth allows you to relax after a hard day’s work.

Regardless of the manufacturer and type of electric heater, all models have a number of identical elements:

  • artificial glowing firewood and coal;
  • the capacity playing a center role for an electrofireplace;
  • substitute for the grate;
  • a device that creates an imitation of the flame;
  • decorative items.

Electrofireplaces with live fire effect: elegant interior decoration

The electric fire itself has been developed for a long time, however, its active use in interior design has gained particular popularity over the last 2-3 years. It was then that fashion magazines began to post photos of electric fires in the interior of the living room and bedroom. Increased demand for this type of decor made manufacturers think about the design of the hearths. As a result, the above basic elements began to decorate in different styles. The number of models offered allows you to use electric fire in the interior of any apartment or office.

Note! The centers offered today can be placed anywhere in the apartment: in the living room, in the kitchen, on the balcony, in the bedroom. At the same time, the price of electrofireplaces with the effect of live fire in a mobile version is notable for its availability.

The principle of operation of any electric fireplace is the same. It is quite simple and is not particularly complex. The difference between the models may be in the presence of additional elements (steam generator, backlight or sound card), but they do not have a special influence on the work. Their purpose is to enhance the burning effect and give it maximum realism. Having understood the principle of work, it is possible, with certain knowledge and skills, to assemble an electric fireplace with your own hands.

Consider how the electric center works. For heat generation tubular electric heaters are used. They can be quartz, ceramic or made of nichrome. To prevent the heating of the walls of the electric heater, there is a reflector inside. It directs streams of warm air upwards for an exit through special air vents.

Electrofireplaces with live fire effect: elegant interior decoration

In addition to the heating elements, inside the fireplace are diode lights and special lamps. They work in a certain mode to create an imitation of a burning flame. At the same time, the flicker never repeats twice in a row.

Many models have fans in their designs. Their purpose is to increase the intensity of convection. In such models, the efficiency is much higher than without fans. This reduces power consumption during operation.

Recently, models with a steam generator are very popular. Water poured into the tank turns into steam and is directed upwards with the help of a fan. Highlighting halogen lamps, reflected in small particles of water, enhances the effect of burning and gives it naturalness.

Simulation and heating systems operate separately from each other. This allows you to include electric fires in the summer.

Electrofireplaces with live fire effect: elegant interior decoration

Note! You should not choose electric heater as a heating device for the whole room. It produces a certain amount of heat, but only at a short distance near him.

Today, several types of electric fireplaces are widely used. The difference between them lies in the design itself and the method of installation.

By design features, the equipment can be divided into:

  • electrofireplace with portal for dressing. Such a device creates the full illusion of this fireplace. For the design of the portal itself, manufacturers quite often use stucco, tile, wrought iron or marble tiles. Such built-in electric fires with the effect of living fire are most often used in large apartments and private homes;
  • freestanding designs. This type of electric fire resembles a cast iron stove or stove. If desired, you can separately buy a portal for electric heater and put this type of heater in it;
  • electric fire, resembling drovnitsa. These models are mobile. They can be transferred from room to room;
  • Cabinet electrofireplaces. This type is distinguished by small and compact dimensions. They can be embedded in furniture.

Electrofireplaces with live fire effect: elegant interior decoration

By way of mounting the foci can be divided as follows:

  • classic models. This type assumes a complete imitation of this fireplace. It is very difficult to install such an electrofireplace yourself, therefore for its installation it is necessary to involve specialists;
  • angular. Installing the device in the corner saves significant space. Such angular electrofireplaces with effect of live fire – the ideal decision for small apartments;
  • wall mounted. Such models are most often chosen for the design of the room in the current trends. However, if you wish, you can buy a wall-mounted electric fire for a room with a classic interior;
  • electrofireplace built into the wall. Such models can significantly save space in the apartment. Installation of electrofireplace built into the wall, is in the process of overhaul. When choosing such a model for yourself, you need to carefully consider how the operation and further maintenance will be carried out.

The sizes of electrofireplaces and their weight happen different. Large selection of design solutions allows you to choose and buy electric fire with the effect of a living flame for any interior.

Electrofireplaces with live fire effect: elegant interior decoration

Any electric fireplace has a number of advantages. Among them, the most important is the possibility of installing such a device in any room. During its operation, smoke and soot are not emitted. In addition, the room is not polluted by ash, soot and other products that accompany the operation of this fireplace.

Electrofireplaces are completely safe for animals and children. The use of heat-resistant glass eliminates the possibility of burns if accidentally touched.

Corner electric fireplaces allow solving several problems in a small apartment at once: save space and create a cozy atmosphere.

Electrofireplaces with live fire effect: elegant interior decoration

You can install the hearth yourself. Particularly easy to install wall electrofireplaces. By design, they look like pictures. Therefore, it is enough to hang them on the wall and connect to the network.

The presence in the design of the thermostat allows you to set the desired mode mode. And the economy mode allows you to consume a minimum amount of electricity. Electrofireplace has one big and significant drawback – the flame in it is just an imitation. Therefore, he can never replace a real fire.

Today, there are many companies in the market that manufacture electric fireplaces with live fire imitations. The models they offer have many advantages. Any of them will be a great decoration for home and office. Let’s get acquainted with the most popular brands.

Electrofireplaces with live fire effect: elegant interior decoration

Dimplex Electrofireplace with Opti-Mest Technology

Dimplex models are notable for creating a realistic picture of the flame. This effect is achieved by using special technology Opti-Mest. Firewood used in the fireplace is made by hand. By their appearance, they completely imitate the real ones. When working the fireplace they flicker like real logs when burning in a fire.

Among the advantages of the products of this brand are the following:

  • possibility of installing a Dimplex electrofireplace in an average sized room. This allows you to enjoy the flame in it from any side. If desired, it can be installed in a special niche. It is sold separately. And you can make a portal for electric fireplace with your own hands, choosing a finishing material at its discretion;
  • the neat form of the models allows using them with any style solution of the room;
  • absolute security. Using the adjustment, the owner can choose the mode with heating or without it, increase or decrease the intensity of the flame and smoke;
  • high quality workmanship and a long warranty.

Electrofireplaces with live fire effect: elegant interior decoration

A significant disadvantage of the models of this brand is the high cost, which makes the device inaccessible to the average buyer.

It is possible to buy a 3D electrofireplace in any style: hi-tech, classics, minimalism, an empire style. For a room in the loft style, an excellent choice would be open models or variants of woodpiles enclosed in glass and metal.

Beautiful stucco, many ornate curls allows you to feel like the owner of this castle, and stun guests with the existing magnificence. For the office and office space it is better to buy a built-in electric fireplace in a minimalist style. Such a model will give solidity and concentration of a strict business atmosphere.

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