Wooden facade for the house – advantages and design options

Houses with a wooden facade look very stylish. Even if a building is damaged using wood, it is possible to renovate it and make it attractive. When choosing a material, there are several options to choose from:

  • panels;
  • wooden boards;
  • wood-like boards.

Wood for finishing the front side of the building is associated not only with comfort, warm atmosphere, but also with safety, environmental friendliness, which is very fashionable now. Houses faced in this way have charm and elegance, which makes them look at them with pleasure. This allows façade timber to be used universally in a creative way. Therefore, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the projects in advance, to get an idea of ​​the installation features..

Wood for exterior decoration of the facade

The front side of the building, finished with wood, evokes positive associations with nature. Previously, such cladding was attributed only to houses built from real wood. However, today we are increasingly faced with this type of finish, both in residential and commercial or office buildings. Today there is a clear tendency to use solutions that are closer to nature, in contrast to plastic materials, which were popular only recently. This increases not only aesthetic, but also functional, health and economic values..

The oldest and most popular way of cladding a building is a wooden facade board. Any analogs of this material are not very popular, they are used only when you need to save on construction, and often similar visual effects are achieved. Wood as a cladding fulfills not only a decorative, but also a practical function. Among the important properties:

  • Drying;
  • Resistant to UV rays;
  • Resistance to mold, harmful microorganisms;
  • Structure;
  • Storage;
  • Structure;
  • Humidity.

Popular types of wood that are used for the manufacture of facade timber: oak, larch, spruce, pine. Exotic cladding such as merenti, tatajuba, and red cedar yokume are also increasingly used.

Options for finishing the facade of a house with a tree

The decoration of the facade of a private house with wood is found not only in old buildings in a rustic style, but also in buildings of avant-garde design. They combine classics and modernity. The solutions currently available allow the creation of traditional paneling, planking or cladding tiles. This allows you to add additional functions to the front side of the structure, such as diversifying the facade and correcting the shape of the building. Such possibilities are offered by finishing the facade with wood, in which natural material can be easily combined with plaster..

When it comes to wood cladding projects, you can rely on your imagination as we can find inspiration around us. Natural material can be combined with different types of stone, which looks original on buildings with an unusual structural shape. The facade of such a building can also be divided into two parts. Each of them is a clearly separate element – on the one hand, there are inserts made of natural material on the facade, and on the other, decorative plaster. Another idea is vertical cladding. This is a pretty bold decision, which is only suitable for certain structures, because not all types of buildings look good in vertical position..

How much does it cost to decorate the facade of a house with a tree?

The cost of finishing work includes not only the price of the main components, but also the crate, as well as additional elements necessary for the performance of all work (impregnation, fastening systems). Estimated based on the cost per square meter.

Also, a lot depends on the type of materials – whether it will be a natural material, only boards or panels (finishing the facade of a private house under a tree). If additional insulation needs to be used, it should be borne in mind that wood cladding with foam will increase the overall cost..

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