Types of concrete fences

Concrete fences are very popular in Russia. They are very practical, but at the same time attractive in price. Due to their strength, they can be an effective barrier against intruders. Often such enclosing structures resemble stone fences, but the price of the latter is much higher..

Concrete fencing differs mainly in that it is very durable, resistant to various weather conditions. However, to some people, it may not seem aesthetically attractive. However, modern concrete enclosing structures are more than just spaced panels and pillars: in combination with appropriate lighting, plants, a terrace, they can be an excellent addition to any site..

Types of concrete fences

There are several forms of such enclosing structures:

  1. Fence made of concrete blocks. Construction of solid chipped blocks resembling stones (eg sandstone). Individual elements can be split on one or both sides. At this stage, you can get blocks of different shades, shapes, textures. You must arrange them like brickwork. Such fences are often accompanied by wrought iron elements as well as wood paneling..
  2. Prefabricated concrete fence. Precast panel enclosures made from vibration-compacted concrete. It consists of concrete pillars that are dug into the ground and then poured with concrete. Panels are mounted between them. It can be openwork or with filler. Many people choose them because they are easy to assemble / disassemble, yet extremely durable. In stores, these prefabs are available in many different colors, sophisticated shapes, making them easy to match with different properties: they are ideal for private homes as well as public buildings.
  3. Monolithic reinforced concrete fence. For a variety of its appearance, it can be faced with clinker or stone slabs. You can also choose a fence made of painted concrete, then it is enough to cover it entirely with the selected color. This type of fence can also be diversified with climbing plants..

How to install a concrete fence with your own hands?

To install the fence correctly, you should follow the advice provided..

  1. At the very beginning, the entire structure should be carefully planned and appropriate measurements should be made, which will affect the further strength, stability and functionality..
  2. Next, level the area and remove all unnecessary elements from it, and then mark the fence line. This is best done with wooden stakes and fishing line. It is worth digging out the foundation later. Its minimum width should be 30 cm, and the depth should be adapted to the type of soil and the depth of the freezing zone, which is different for individual regions of our country..
  3. At this stage, expansion joints should be made – their task is to protect the fence from: adverse weather conditions, uneven subsidence of the foundation and uneven sunlight.
  4. With this step, the correct assembly of the concrete fence begins. The best place to start is by checking the surface of the strip foundation. If there are irregularities, sand them.
  5. When everything is leveled and dry (usually this happens in a day), you can start preparing the formwork of the main reinforced concrete foundation, where you should do:
  • Securing longitudinal reinforcement.

  • Cross reinforcement of concrete fence posts.

  • Transverse reinforcement of spans.

  1. To create a foundation for prefabricated elements, it is necessary to pour concrete C20 / 25 with a plastic consistency. The height of the reinforced concrete foundation must be at least 30 cm, and the width must not exceed the width of the wall.
  2. At this stage, it is best to first arrange the elements without covering them with concrete, and then position and fill the chambers of the blocks with C20 / 25 concrete, which must be accurately distributed and tamped..

The installation of the concrete fence is completed with the installation of the spans, after the construction of the concrete blocks. To do this, span anchors are inserted into the gaps in the blocks, and then everything is poured with concrete..

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