Soffit roofing: sizes, prices and a brief overview of varieties

After completion of the installation of the roof is required to finish the eaves. This will protect it from the effects of external natural factors – rain, snow, strong wind, prevent bird nesting, the appearance of harmful insects and extend the life of the roof. Today, special elements are used for these purposes – spotlights for filing the roof: dimensions, prices and manufacturers, materials used and installation tips will be presented in this article.

Soffit roofing: sizes, prices and a brief overview of varieties

What can be filed roofing

Sheeting the roof of the building was always carried out. If this is not done, then the roof will quickly become worthless, and the house itself will be cold and damp. There are a large number of different materials that can be used to finish the facade and roof:

  • wooden plank. You can use cut or unedged wood. Most often they prefer conifers. It is inexpensive, and is notable for its availability. Before mounting the wood is treated with antiseptic. After that, for 30 days, kept in a warm, well-ventilated place. When direct laying of boards occurs, slots for ventilation are provided at the joints;

Soffit roofing: sizes, prices and a brief overview of varieties

  • lining. Affordable and inexpensive material. For outdoor use it is chosen with moisture resistant and antiseptic characteristics. Fitted lining tightly to each other. However, a gap for ventilation is provided between the eaves and the wall of the house;
  • siding panels. This type of material appeared relatively recently. However, it gained popularity due to its affordable cost and long service life. A feature of mounting siding is the need to install it perpendicular to the wall of the house. Otherwise, the panels may sag under their own weight;
  • plywood sheets. Before installation, this material is exposed to a special water-repellent impregnation. Then cut into planks of the required size and then proceed to the execution of the work;
  • metal siding. Aluminum and galvanized plates are easy to install, they are durable. However, they have a very high cost;
  • spotlights. Convenient and reliable material that does not need to be pre-prepared before installation. Bringing overhangs of the roof with spotlights can be done by any home craftsman To perform these works do not need special knowledge.

Next, consider the spotlights in more detail.

Soffit roofing: sizes, prices and a brief overview of varieties

Modern manufacturers share the spotlights for the roof according to the design features and materials of which they are made.

Existing species:

  • non-perforated solid. In appearance, it resembles a solid smooth panel. This type is recommended to use when pouring overhangs of the gable;
  • partial perforation. This type is characterized by the presence of perforations in the middle of the panel. Using this type allows you to get good ventilation. This makes it possible to prevent the occurrence of mold, mildew and condensate. Great for finishing any part of the eaves;
  • fully perforated. This type is recommended to choose for finishing of overhangs with eaves, peaks, skates. Perforated soffit – the best choice for the roof of the gazebo, porch or veranda. It will provide the necessary ventilation.

The difference between them is clearly visible in the photo of spotlights for filing the roof, which is now a lot on the Internet. Based on them, you can choose the type that meets the requirements of decoration and configuration of the roof. In addition to structural features, spotlights are divided according to the materials used.

Soffit roofing: sizes, prices and a brief overview of varieties

The size and cost of spotlights is influenced by the material used to make them. Popular brands are selected for this aluminum, copper, metal and plastic.

Let us dwell on them in more detail:

  • perforated copper spotlights are the most expensive. They are distinguished by a small plate thickness and a long service life of up to 150 years. At the same time, spotlights are environmentally safe, resistant to the effects of aggressive environmental factors, do not require constant thorough care;
  • soffits for the roof of aluminum are of low price, resistant to temperature extremes. Thanks to a special coating, they are not exposed to corrosion. Plate thickness is from 0.3 to 0.6 mm;
  • Stainless soffits are considered the most durable. They are distinguished by resistance to moisture and temperature changes. For finishing the eaves of the roof with metal soffits, both perforated and solid plates can be used. The price of a metal soffit is the lowest among other types;
  • for the manufacture of plastic soffit used polyvinyl chloride. They differ in the small price and lightweight. Such spotlights well withstand temperature changes. They are not affected by mold and mildew, but may be yellowed when exposed to direct sunlight.

Soffit roofing: sizes, prices and a brief overview of varieties

Helpful advice! When choosing spotlights for filing the roof, you must consider the type of structure. Metal elements will weight the structure and exert pressure on the foundation. Therefore, in frame houses for finishing the roof is better to choose plastic.

Strangely enough, however today there are no standardized parameters for spotlights. Each manufacturer offers its own sizes to the customer. This allows you to choose exactly what is best for a particular eaves. After all, you can not trim panels.

Most often, companies offer spotlights with dimensions of 360×30 cm. These parameters are convenient and practical. Knowing them, you can easily calculate the necessary number of panels. They fit well, forming a beautiful pattern on the eaves.

Domestic manufacturers of spotlights offer panels with widths from 50 to 80 cm. If desired, you can also find wider models.

Soffit roofing: sizes, prices and a brief overview of varieties

The thickness of the aluminum panels is in the range of 0.3 to 0.6 mm. But the vinyl can have the following parameters:

  • thickness from 1 to 1.2 mm;
  • width from 2.2 to 3 cm;
  • length from 30 to 38.5 cm.

Helpful advice! It should be noted that the parameters of domestic and foreign manufacturers differ from each other. When buying a spotlight, you need to carefully study their size.

Filing a roof with a soffit has several advantages compared with other types of finishes. The main advantages of using this material include the following points:

  • high resistance to mechanical stress;
  • lack of special requirements for care (it is enough to wash with water twice a year);
  • resistance to moisture, direct sunlight and high temperatures;

Soffit roofing: sizes, prices and a brief overview of varieties

  • a wide range of applications (great for not only outdoor, but also for interior decoration);
  • ease of installation;
  • resistance to mold and mildew;
  • great appearance;
  • protection not only for the roof, but also for all communications under it;
  • possibility of use at different temperatures, from -60 to 120 ° C.

In addition, they are environmentally safe for human health and have a good appearance.

As with any material, spotlights for filing the roof have a number of drawbacks that you need to know about when choosing them for yourself. Experts refer to them:

  • the need for continuous monitoring of the state of the plates. Perforated soffit can be clogged with various small debris. Under the influence of strong wind gusts plates loosen and come out of the grooves. Every year it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of all spotlights. And once every five years, their full or partial replacement is required;

Soffit roofing: sizes, prices and a brief overview of varieties

  • The cost of this material is quite high. If you compare it with a regular profiling, then the latter can be purchased 2 times cheaper;
  • the inability to change the size of the spotlight if necessary. So when laying siding or sheeting material can be reduced with the help of available tools. With the soffit so you can not do. This is due to the presence of perforations in its design. Their violation leads to deterioration of the performance characteristics of the material.

Helpful advice! If the roof has irregular corners or rounding, then perforated soffits are not the best choice as a decoration for the eaves.

Today, various domestic and foreign companies produce spotlights for the roof, prices for which are in the range from 280 to 1100 rubles / m. Due to the fact that this material has a significant cost, experts recommend buying it only from reputable manufacturers.

Soffit roofing: sizes, prices and a brief overview of varieties

In the construction market there is a significant number of manufacturers of finishing plates, consider the most famous in more detail.

Dyke. Homeland of this manufacturer – Germany. We have products of this brand known since 2006. The company offers customers to buy soffits for filing the roof of several sizes: 3050×305 and 3050×151 mm. You can choose white, red or chocolate plates. A distinctive feature of this manufacturer is the staffing of spotlights with additional elements that are necessary during installation.

Gentek. The company is American, although it has been operating in our market for years. It produces aluminum soffits for filing the roof, the price of which is the highest on the building materials market. However, acquiring the plate, the client immediately receives a complete set with additional elements. He does not have to buy them separately. The kit includes a j-rail, j-chamfer, wind strips, finishing strip and aluminum texture strip. Soffits of this brand are brown and white. The size of the plates is 3660×306 mm.

Grand line. This is a Russian manufacturer. It offers metal soffits for filing the roof, the price of which is different. You can choose brown or white color products. Dimensions offered by the manufacturer – 3000×305 mm. The advantages of the plates of this brand are long service life (up to 50 years), resistance to sunlight, shock, inconspicuous docking and good flexibility.

Soffit roofing: sizes, prices and a brief overview of varieties

Holzplast – a company from Germany. She offers vinyl spotlights, which are made by pressing. The use of technology coestrus allows the manufacturer to produce spotlights two-and three-layer. The dimensions of the plates are 3660×266 m. The client can choose a white, chocolate shade or the color of golden oak.

Royal europa – Polish brand. Buy spotlights for the roof of this company can be in different colors. The dimensions of the plates are 3660×305 mm. The difference of this manufacturer is the use of stabilizers of the tin-organic type. They are absolutely safe for human health and the environment.

Soffit roofing: sizes, prices and a brief overview of varieties

The filing of the roof is a mandatory and necessary stage at the completion of the roof finish. This will ensure the safety of the roof frame from the effects of external natural factors, the appearance of harmful insects and birds. The latter can cause significant damage to the tree used. In addition, the unformed cornice makes the house damp and cold, which, in turn, leads to an increase in heating costs.

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