Prefabricated Houses – Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Prefabricated houses for living are finding more and more supporters among the owners interested in building a private house. One of the main factors influencing the growing interest in this technology is the speed of construction. Buildings erected using this technology should be distinguished by energy efficiency, similar to buildings built in a traditional way..

Different materials are used in prefabricated building technology. The production of prefabricated houses is carried out from concrete elements or wood. What are the pros and cons of prefabricated houses?

Features of prefabricated houses

Prefabricated timber or concrete structures are structures for which the individual elements are manufactured in the factory. Element – this is a large part of a building, walls or ceiling, large parts of entire floors. Finished elements are delivered to the construction site.

Compared to traditional technologies, such construction is characterized by the speed of construction. After facing work, such buildings do not differ in standard from buildings erected using traditional technology. Due to the fact that modern systems are most often used for their production, they very often have excellent energy efficiency, which significantly affects the operating costs of these buildings..

The advantages of prefabricated houses

The advantage of such structures is the time it takes to build. The frame itself is erected within a few days, and for the construction of the structure «Full construction» it usually takes two to three months. Both prefabricated timber and concrete structures do not require a lot of concrete work. When building a structure, the entire construction process can be completed within a few days (such buildings usually do not have a foundation). In addition to the short construction time, the advantage of such structures is also that they can be erected at any time of the year, individual works do not require special weather conditions, appropriate humidity or temperature..

Materials are not stored at the construction site, so we don’t have to worry about protecting them from adverse weather conditions or theft. Compared to traditional construction, construction costs are minimized.

Disadvantages of prefabricated houses

The disadvantages of prefabricated structures are associated with cost. Companies often quote the base price of a home, to which additional costs are often added. The price of the work depends on the materials, the complexity of the construction. You should always carefully check what is included in the construction estimate offered by a particular construction company..

For the construction of panel houses, it is necessary to use heavy equipment (crane). There should be a lot of free space on the site for the unhindered movement of equipment. Prefabricated buildings – a relatively new technology on the Russian market, so the choice of contractors and the variety of solutions is not great. There are not many opportunities for design changes and finished buildings in terms of the arrangement of partitions or individual installations.

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