Installation of roof windows in a private house

Skylights are usually installed by roofers who cover the roof at the same stage. These are professionals who have the correct installation scheme for roof windows, all the necessary materials and tools. Installation consists in the correct positioning of the frame in the window opening, installation of insulation, vapor-permeable collar and installation of the sash. However, such window structures can also be installed in a finished roof..

How much does it cost to install skylights?

They are usually installed after the roof has been completed. Installation must be trusted by roofers or a company certified by the window manufacturer. The installation price depends on the type and standard of products and additional equipment. The final cost is also influenced by the degree of complexity of the window openings..

Due to the cost, some investors decide to do the assembly themselves. However, the professionals and their services are well worth the money. Moreover, the investor must obtain from them a guarantee for the installed window structures. Therefore, it is worth knowing all the nuances of installation in order to install them yourself or be able to inspect the installation team.

Installation in a finished roof

When is the best time to outsource your installation work? Typically, this type of work is performed at the stage of covering the roof slope, but it is also possible to install window structures in the finished roof. When installed with the roof, work is simplified and the risk of leaks or damage to the roof is reduced..

In the case of existing roofing, the window must be dismantled before starting the installation. If the roof is covered with tiles, there should be no problems with removing them before installation. On the other hand, installation in steel shingles is an easier option, however, before the roof is fully covered..

Do-it-yourself installation of roof windows

The size of the window structure must be adjusted to match the rafter spacing, although manufacturers supply products that match the standard rafter spacing. The easiest way is to install products whose width is about 5 cm less than the pitch of the rafters..

When the width of the window is significantly less than the pitch of the rafters, installation on rails bolted to the roof structure is carried out. If the structure is wider than the distance between the rafters, it should be installed as a replacement, that is, horizontal beams, which are placed 30-50 cm from the lower and upper edges. In the case of this installation method, it is necessary to cut out a fragment of the rafters.

DIY installation of roof windows step by step instructions

The first stage of installation is the preparation of the opening, which consists in cutting the foil of the roof, possibly cutting out a fragment of the rafters, installing replacements or screwing the slats. Then the skylight frame is installed. First, the mounting brackets must be screwed into the corresponding points of the frame. Then a frame is placed in the opening, the mounting corners are screwed to the crate or rafters. It is not recommended to screw all the corners at once so that the frame is even. To check whether the same vertical and horizontal gaps between the frame and the sash are everywhere, the sash should be installed in the frame. If the gaps are correct, the frame is screwed on and the sash is disassembled.

The next step is heat and moisture insulation. Materials from the manufacturer are often used. They are ideal for the size of the window structure. Then a gutter is installed above the window, which will additionally protect it from moisture. At this stage, a sealing flange (vapor-permeable) should be mounted, which should be correctly selected for the type of roofing material and the size of the product. The installation instructions must indicate the required distances between the roof and the window. It is very important that these distances are kept exactly so that the sealing lip can effectively drain water out of the window area. Final works include screwing the hood and top of the flange, laying the window roof and installing the sash.

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