How to make terrace pergolas

Modern terraced pergolas are a practical decorative element of garden architecture. The pergola on the terrace of the house attracts attention, and if properly organized, it is a cozy shaded place where you can hide from the sun or rain.

Pergolas for the terrace and veranda are structures that, despite their appearance, are not difficult to build. It is worth thinking about self-assembly, because in some cases it can be much cheaper than ready-made solutions. Such a solution is an option for those who do not know how to decorate the terrace space beautifully and in an original way..

Wooden pergola for the terrace – what tools to prepare?

This is a great idea for an original building space. The wooden structure can be installed on the terrace, making it a kind of continuation of the house and a cozy resting place for household members. Before proceeding with the self-assembly, prepare the necessary tools and accessories that will help in the work, such as: a screwdriver, an angle grinder, brushes, metal screws, a spirit level, sandpaper, as well as primers and necessary impregnations, selected for wood species.

Terrace gazebo – which tree to choose and how to prepare?

A terrace pergola can be built from almost any type of wood, but oak, beech and pine are most often used for this, because they are resistant to weather conditions. Raw materials require proper processing, impregnation, which will protect it from the sun, mold, mildew. The impregnations, such as varnishes or oils, are selected depending on the type of wood. The most important elements of a terrace pergola are posts and slats, which must be properly prepared by hand, for example with an orbital or belt sander.

After grinding, individual structural elements should be wiped, degreased (preferably with gasoline) and applied with a protective agent and dye. For painting wood, it is best to use paint with additional protective properties, which will protect the surface not only from moisture, but also from fading caused, for example, by excessive sunlight..

Step by step installation

The patio gazebo cannot be placed directly on the ground. It is best to place the structure on a foundation or on special metal anchors without first forgetting to properly level the space. The uprights are mounted parallel to each other (approximately 1.5 m apart), for greater stability they can be additionally supported by beams. When screwing the side rails to the uprights, do not forget to leave a perfectly even gap between them. In a situation where the terrace with a pergola will be surrounded by climbing plants, it is better to leave a large gap between the beams..

During installation work, you can use special carpentry clamps that hold individual wooden elements in a certain position, which makes it easier to assemble the entire structure. At the final stage of work, it is enough to trim the protruding strips with an angle grinder, and also paint the polished fragments in the same color as the entire gazebo.

Terrace with a gazebo – how to decorate?

The terrace gazebo is an ideal place for the whole family to relax, so it should be properly decorated. The wooden structure goes well with the greenery of the vegetation. The wooden structure will become more comfortable when supplemented with wicker chairs wrapped in soft material and fluffy pillows. It is also worth thinking about decorations that will make your evening time on the terrace more enjoyable, for example: lanterns attached to the beams, candles, LED lamps.

The pergola above the terrace is a unique and original idea for ennobling the free space in the garden. The wooden structure is an ideal place for outdoor recreation for households; it also additionally protects from the harsh sun and rain. Contrary to its looks, its assembly is not difficult, all you need is a little creativity, carpentry, and a few necessary tools..

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