How to install fence spans

The method of installing spans depends on the characteristics of the selected structures, material, weight and type of rack to which they will be attached. Also, the choice of the type of fencing may depend not only on the preferences of the owners, sometimes it is limited by local legislation.

How to make fence spans?

Forged metal fence – the embodiment of style and sophistication. Forged spans between fence posts are made to order, often on an individual project. They can be modest or expensive, with original designs. They are usually handcrafted by artisans, which is reflected in their cost. Therefore, this option is more suitable for people who are not worried about the price of the fence span..

Metal spans of fences can also be made of cast iron or welded from profiles, as well as steel rods, protected from corrosion. In recent years, span structures of panel fences, which are made of various materials – steel, wood, composite, mesh, have become popular. They are lightweight and easy to install. They are often sold complete with system racks and mounting brackets. Such designs owe their popularity to the variety of designs, thanks to which they can be adapted to many types of architecture..

Spans of panel fences differ in price, so they can be afforded by both owners who are looking for a durable and effective fencing (for example, modern spans made of forged or galvanized steel), and those for whom the cost of building a fence is important..

Installation of spans for the fence

The simplest solution is to buy a system fencing, which includes spans, poles and the necessary fasteners. It is possible to mount structures on concrete pillars connected to the foundation In both cases, it will be necessary to create the foundation of the fence. In the case of metal pillars, each is anchored to a concrete foundation with a metal spacer. Manufacturers of system fences often indicate a foundation depth of about 60 cm, but such solutions are only suitable for undiscovered types of soil (sand, gravel). Safe solution – foundation 80 deep–130 cm, depending on the region of the country. Foundation dimensions for main and corner posts must be 40 × 40 cm, for intermediate posts 25 is enough × 25 cm In light panel fences, the posts can be installed on compacted sandy soil and lean concrete.To assemble the spans for the fence with your own hands, you will need various types of clamps and connectors. The former allow you to avoid drilling holes in the posts, the latter are cheaper.

The second way to build a fence requires a concrete foundation. Spans of metal and wooden fences are attached to concrete pillars with anchors, fasteners and rivets. Spans of concrete fences are installed in a slightly different way – they use racks with special slats, into which the span is inserted from above and lowered into the desired place. Disassembly of the structure is carried out in the same way..

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