How to increase the area of ​​a private house?

Some time after the commissioning of a private house, many owners have little living space. In such a situation, many questions arise: how to increase the area of ​​the house, is it possible to expand a private house and how to do it with maximum efficiency.

The construction of an extension to a private house allows you to expand the usable building area. Most often, an extension means the creation of additional rooms at the basement or attic level. Expansion of a one-story building to a two-story building – laborious and costly process. Therefore, even at the design stage of the structure, it is worth considering whether the facility will need to be expanded in the future. In the project, it is important to provide for the possibility of converting the attic space into living rooms. It should be remembered that expansion requires compliance with all formalities, which will allow construction work to be carried out in accordance with the law..

How to increase the area of ​​the house by means of an extension?

There are three ways to expand a building. Most often, owners choose one of these two solutions: an extension to the side or creation of a superstructure. Sometimes, with very large investments, both types of expansion are carried out simultaneously or lateral expansion is performed with the simultaneous adaptation of the attic to housing needs.

If an extension of an old building is being considered, the owners often decide to make significant changes to the internal layout of the rooms. Thanks to the extension, they can be enlarged and adapted to modern architectural trends. Basically, we are talking about connecting living spaces – living room, dining room and kitchen. As a rule, partitions are abandoned altogether or they turn into transparent walls, which makes it possible to optically illuminate and enlarge the interior. It also allows you to create more comfortable conditions for family members to live together..

How to make an extension in a private house?

When expanding the house, you need to remember to comply with all formalities so that the actions performed are not regarded as a building violation. Before performing any actions, you should find out if it is possible to carry out such work in specific conditions. Just a few years ago, building permission was required to expand the home. Currently, if the extension does not violate the boundaries of the site, and the structure is located in accordance with the rules of remoteness from the border of the site, the owner simply needs to notify the local structural unit for urban planning and architecture of the intention to expand the house.

An important element of preparation for the extension is familiarization with the current local zoning plan or the development conditions prepared individually for the site, if it is not included in the plan. Often the plan determines the maximum height of the building or its maximum volume.

The next stage of expansion is to check its technical condition. This is especially important for older buildings. The analysis will allow us to assess whether the expansion will be safe, or before we start expanding, there will be other work to be done to adapt the building to our needs..

As in the case of the construction of any structure, in order to expand a private house, it is important to create a high-quality project that will take into account all the needs. It is important that it is prepared in accordance with applicable building regulations. This will optimize the cost of expanding the building, which can be significant depending on the scope of work, as well as the materials that will be used..

Extension to a private house: construction costs

The addition of a one-story house, as well as an attic or two-story structure, is a large investment that should be carefully considered. As a rule, it is more expensive to expand a building to the side. Some construction companies that have their own sites provide customers with an application «construction calculator», which allows you to estimate the initial investment costs.

In such applications, the cost of materials and work is not taken into account. They can vary significantly based on the region of the country in which the expandable building is located. The cost of the expansion will also be influenced by the cost of the project and the preparation of the structure for further work. It is also important to take into account additional costs if a technical examination of the building or land plot has not been carried out..

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